Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Next Two Books of Johnny Vu Thriller Series

Rare Earth_China Ciphers is Book 3. It is coming along in editing mode. It carries on into Book 4, Princelings, Shadows and Ghosts.  These are primarily set in China, Hawaii and the U.S. All the core writing is done, 786 pages, and are in heavy editing mode.

Johnny and Briana hunt for a mole in the Chinese government, battle terrorists all around the far reaches of China, and become targets themselves of counter Intel and covert operatives of several nations.

There is a wonderful weave of history and present happenings, linking U.S. secrets and Chinese mysteries from WW II in Asia, Vietnam, Laos, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Mainland and the East China Sea. Lies, deceit and treachery are the ingredients in the hot cauldron of China versus U.S. history.

I have been creating these two books as one tale with many veins and arteries—mischief, mayhem, murder and chase. As always, Vu and his swallow are caught in traps, kill zones and wild action.

I am not sure when my inner editor says they will be ready for publication, but it will be 2015 for sure.
And these two books will be wonderful reads. They are richly populated with devilishly evil characters and criminals. The books are layered with generations of extraordinary families, espionage, government deceits and assassinations.

Always, my goal is to be engaging with the Thriller Series. I've invested two-and-one-half years so far creating these next two mystery-thriller entertainments for you. Sharpening them in the editing process is vital. Flying Money_Buddha Laughing, I believe, is an excellent read because I sharpened it for months and months before I considered it ready for folks to enjoy.

Meanwhile, much else has gone on. The dogs, both of them, are gone. Bobby, almost 20, last year and Sugar the year before, at 8. Those were tough losses. I memorialize their lives in these books in several ways.

And as I look out beyond my computer screen at the world, I see a fifth book being written by events.
Of course, my hero and heroine and circumstances will have to be resolved to allow them to continue. We don't know for sure, now do we, that they will survive and be free to continue.

China is a treacherous environment and the stakes are enormous when Princelings, Shadow and Ghosts rule the Rare Earth of the Middle Kingdom.

Be well, dear readers. Some things will be better sooner than you think. As long as Johnny Vu's luck holds and destiny doesn't turn on him.

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