Saturday, October 15, 2011

SerracinThriller Website Up

Took a little longer than it should, but the Author website is up.

I have been following the plan. Watching the dollars and stepping forward where and how others have shown the way with an ebook launch.

Now, it's reviews needed and word of internet-mouth.

Person to person, I'll be using business cards dedicated to the book. And I carry my iPad.
My dentist took note--she's Vietnamese, so she had an interest in Johnny Vu. Read the description from the iPad and she'll be buying it. Put info in her phone notes to do it.

It's the only way. Personal, direct sales, word of mouth, internet tools, and high hopes. Got to be optimistic.  You write it as well as you can. Then pray for readers to like it.

There was a good article on the thriller genre in Financial Times: I Spy, with my Literary Eye. They are very fussy about their content intellectual property, so I don't include it. Check it out.
You may have to register to read it.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Published! Amazon and iBookstore

The day has come.  The first book is out.  Actually, iBook was very fast, Sept. 30th and the Amazon date was Oct. tenth.  Just found out early this morning. They don't notify the aggregator who publishes for me, BookBaby.  I am still waiting for Sony Reader and Barnes and Noble Nook publication. They take weeks to do the job.

Been working with my web guy on the website.  Getting closer.

Very exciting time to be able to send notices out to friends and relatives.

Also, had to revisit with my book cover artist, Joshua Davis, to get a little extra painting for business card version of the cover artwork.  He did that quick and well.

It's a wonderful feeling to see everything moving forward.  Worth the effort.

It clears a path through for the second book.  And energizes me for the struggles ahead on the third.

I am hoping that the readers enjoy the entertainment.  Also, hoping for good reviews and assistance from readers in spreading the word about the Johnny Vu series.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Website Work

Key component for an author is the author website.  So, for a few days, been at it.  Should be up this week.

The plan for marketing on the web begins to happen. is simple enough and will flesh out over time.

The part of writing that is not much fun is driving for sales. Especially, without a hardcover or paperback to peddle and send out, the ebook channel is a tough swim.

But I have accepted this going in.  Can't let up.  Step by step, following the plan.

Blue Water_Red Shadows, the first in the Johnny Vu Thriller series, now has a home.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Following a brief marketing business plan . . .  The goal of the plan is simple.  Set up the internet processes for readers and book and author to interconnect.  This blog, the Serracin-Thriller website, the content for readers, FAQ, About, et al.

Beautiful day.  Would rather be out at a baseball field watching a game.

Design is set for website.  Need to get with a developer.

Going over the budget.  Wish the equity stock I bought in '07 wasn't halved by the recession. Could use that now.

This is as much a grind, this marketing stuff, as the writing and editing was.  It creates a tension because it is necessary, but takes me away from the writing I want to do.  It is inherently non-fun.  It is the one big drawback with digital publishing and going independent.

(Baseball playoffs have been excellent so far.  Surprised by Philly losing.  Not surprised by Yankees going down. They don't play offense fundamentals well. They have to hit home runs and score half a dozen runs to win. Doesn't work in playoffs. Philly didn't hit and all that wonderful pitching was useless.)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Launching the Blog

Welcome, eAuthors and eReaders and the curious.

Close to launch time for Blue Water_Red Shadows, my initial work in the Johnny Vu Thriller series.

I am hoping that the revolution in digital literature and entertainment will welcome this Johnny Vu series.  I have modest expectations.  The joy of completing this work has sustained me.  I have worked alone, thrust onward by encouragements and the challenge to make plot, characters and action as entertaining as I would in each frame of film (my prior work for decades).

This blog may become some sort of guild diary for future work.  The second book is completed, though I am sure I will keep editing it as I toil at marketing this first one.  And a third book is percolating in the creases of my mind and on this MacBook.

Finally, two days since this mortal coil we call Earth has lost its most awesome genius, Steve Jobs, I must extend words of appreciation for simplifying our world of digital tools.  From my earliest days with computers (MacPlus, FX, etc.) I have used his inventions and encouraged many others in the film industry to get onto Macs.

Most importantly for writers, Jobs pushed open the minds of the publishing world and helped Amazon in the tablet world.  We can't begin to understand how this shift to empower writers and readers will finally change in the most important monetary and ownership ways.

God bless Steve Jobs. May his wife and children be warmed by the world's outpouring of thoughts as we go about our journeys carrying his ingenious tools and systems, working and playing and entertaining ourselves.

For readers, there is the newfound joy of buying more books so quickly, so cheaply, and reading books anywhere we take our iPad or Kindle, Nook or other devices. I welcome your comments.