Friday, October 7, 2011

Launching the Blog

Welcome, eAuthors and eReaders and the curious.

Close to launch time for Blue Water_Red Shadows, my initial work in the Johnny Vu Thriller series.

I am hoping that the revolution in digital literature and entertainment will welcome this Johnny Vu series.  I have modest expectations.  The joy of completing this work has sustained me.  I have worked alone, thrust onward by encouragements and the challenge to make plot, characters and action as entertaining as I would in each frame of film (my prior work for decades).

This blog may become some sort of guild diary for future work.  The second book is completed, though I am sure I will keep editing it as I toil at marketing this first one.  And a third book is percolating in the creases of my mind and on this MacBook.

Finally, two days since this mortal coil we call Earth has lost its most awesome genius, Steve Jobs, I must extend words of appreciation for simplifying our world of digital tools.  From my earliest days with computers (MacPlus, FX, etc.) I have used his inventions and encouraged many others in the film industry to get onto Macs.

Most importantly for writers, Jobs pushed open the minds of the publishing world and helped Amazon in the tablet world.  We can't begin to understand how this shift to empower writers and readers will finally change in the most important monetary and ownership ways.

God bless Steve Jobs. May his wife and children be warmed by the world's outpouring of thoughts as we go about our journeys carrying his ingenious tools and systems, working and playing and entertaining ourselves.

For readers, there is the newfound joy of buying more books so quickly, so cheaply, and reading books anywhere we take our iPad or Kindle, Nook or other devices. I welcome your comments.

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