Thursday, October 13, 2011

Published! Amazon and iBookstore

The day has come.  The first book is out.  Actually, iBook was very fast, Sept. 30th and the Amazon date was Oct. tenth.  Just found out early this morning. They don't notify the aggregator who publishes for me, BookBaby.  I am still waiting for Sony Reader and Barnes and Noble Nook publication. They take weeks to do the job.

Been working with my web guy on the website.  Getting closer.

Very exciting time to be able to send notices out to friends and relatives.

Also, had to revisit with my book cover artist, Joshua Davis, to get a little extra painting for business card version of the cover artwork.  He did that quick and well.

It's a wonderful feeling to see everything moving forward.  Worth the effort.

It clears a path through for the second book.  And energizes me for the struggles ahead on the third.

I am hoping that the readers enjoy the entertainment.  Also, hoping for good reviews and assistance from readers in spreading the word about the Johnny Vu series.

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