Saturday, October 15, 2011

SerracinThriller Website Up

Took a little longer than it should, but the Author website is up.

I have been following the plan. Watching the dollars and stepping forward where and how others have shown the way with an ebook launch.

Now, it's reviews needed and word of internet-mouth.

Person to person, I'll be using business cards dedicated to the book. And I carry my iPad.
My dentist took note--she's Vietnamese, so she had an interest in Johnny Vu. Read the description from the iPad and she'll be buying it. Put info in her phone notes to do it.

It's the only way. Personal, direct sales, word of mouth, internet tools, and high hopes. Got to be optimistic.  You write it as well as you can. Then pray for readers to like it.

There was a good article on the thriller genre in Financial Times: I Spy, with my Literary Eye. They are very fussy about their content intellectual property, so I don't include it. Check it out.
You may have to register to read it.

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